Naming your business is the most important first step in building a solid brand. When I named MSPIRE I created a focus group of eight people—marketing peers, business owners, men and women, in various age ranges in an effort to mimic my target market. The process took a couple of weeks and we went through a ton of names, but I’m so glad I took the time to do this exercise. It made me think differently and really understand the importance in a business name. So, what does MSPIRE mean? The M portion stands for words I love—marketing, magic, motivation and mission. And SPIRE represents inspiration and the word spire itself had one definition that spoke to me: the continuation of a tree trunk above the point where branching begins, especially in a tree of a tapering form. That’s all about growth!


I started MSPIRE full time in July 2012, still love my business name and get compliments on it all the time. However, once I chose MSPIRE, I couldn’t just hit the ground running and blast my brand. I had to register it legally to ensure my business was protected and compliant. This is so important. I have heard a handful of stories where entrepreneurs did not do this and had to start from scratch again. This costs time and money, and when you’re started a business you often do not have extra of either. Click here to check out a great resource to help guide you through this process. Always seek legal help if you are unsure of anything!